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We have now finished logging hours for Thousand Hours 2021. Thank you so much for taking part!

If you got to it late, and missed some hours being logged, don’t worry! Logging hours is just helpful in encouraging and inspiring us all to keep being kind, it’s never supposed to be 100% accurate. What matters is, you’ve been intentionally kind!

We’d love to hear your stories from this month, so do get in touch at info@thousandhours.org or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page! 

Thousand Hours Schools

We love going into schools , teaching, inspiring and encouraging kindness. We find that the little humans in our community are often the kindest. Have a look at what we get up to in Schools during Thousand Hours. 


We think stories are SO important. We love to hear and share stories along the way. Stories inspire and encourage us to keep going, and keep being kind!

Send us your stories to info@thousandhours.org


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Log Your Hours

Whatever you do this October to bring A Kindness Revolution to your community, log your hours here, and tell us your story!


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