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Family Kindness

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Family is Random, and That's OK...

Family is Random and that is ok!

Family looks different to us all doesn’t it?

Family we see, family we don’t.

Family we love, family we don’t!

Family near and family far,

Family we end up with and those we choose.

Family can be such a emotive word for so many of us.

What Does Your Family Look like?

What does your family look like? For me, family looks like a whole bunch of pick and mix:  

-Those I see a lot and those I don’t see often.

-Friends who are family and family who are my friends.

This week is all about Family Kindness.  How that looks for you will differ to me, which is ok. So this week, be kind to yourself and accept your family for what it is. All the ups and downs, the rough and the smooth. 

What intentions will you have to show kindness to your loved ones?

Maybe a gift, maybe a word of encouragement, a phone call, a lift to work, a dinner made, socially distant visit or video call.

Sometimes the smallest of acts can have the biggest impact.

Take a risk, get back in touch with someone or offer an olive branch.

Fill your family kindness tank today, I can assure you it will make you feel good.

Get Involved...

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