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2 Kids Inspiring Us to do More...

It’s been no secret that in the last few years, the kids have shown us how it’s done. With 25 Primary Schools involved in Thousand Hours in 2019, seeing over 7500 children logging hours of amazing kindness’ during the month of October. We have been moved and inspired by the children who, not only make a difference in OCTOBER, but who just naturally have kindness written across their hearts. 

Last year, we heard about 2 boys (from different areas of Ashford, in different schools), who made it their mission to literally clean up the town. And why? “To make the world a better place for everyone.” It’s that simple. Let us tell you their stories.. 


This is Jack. Jack first heard about Thousand Hours when he was in Year R at his Primary School. Our team went in to launch Thousand Hours, and encouraged them to weave A Kindness Revolution into their lives both inside and outside of school. Jack, took it and ran with it.  

Jack’s Mum got in touch with us last year to say that when he first started taking part in Thousand Hours, his kindness weapon of choice was a carrier bag. Jack chose to litter-pick around his local area. Since then, he now takes bags with him whenever they go to The Warren, where he clears up litter on his walk. In this photo, Jack was 7, years later, and he is teaching his younger brother to do the same! 

He was asked why he has continued to do it after Thousand Hours ended in the October of his reception year… this was his response:

[The Warren] is a particular place where people like to litter, and it could kill our world, and so i’m trying to clean it all up.

If the world dies, we all die as well.


Aged 7

After sharing their story with us about Jack and his continued kindness in cleaning up this town that we love, we were able to recommend Jack for an award from our Town Mayor. He had a great afternoon with his Mum and brother, having afternoon tea at the Mayor’s Office. How special, to be able to celebrate the children of our town who are showing kindness when no-one is looking?

And Jack is not the only one…



Charlotte and I begin our planning for Thousand Hours Schools In November, and planning, prepping and creating happens throughout the year. Including going into schools to offer “Self-Kindness Workshops” too. We LOVE supporting local businesses and so you’ll often find us taking up space, in our high-vis chic, at The Footprints Cafe- Singleton Environment Centre. They tolerate us regularly, and for long periods of time. 

Last year, we went there for a post-assembly coffee after launching Thousand Hours in a new school. We got chatting to one of the wonderful staff, who proceeded to tell us that her son was at one of our new schools. They had started to walk to the park at the beginning of October, and John had said to her “We need to take a carrier bag with us.” She, obviously asked why… He then carried on to tell her all about Thousand Hours, and that he had noticed a lot of rubbish on the road on the way to school and wanted to collect the rubbish while they were out. His little act of kindness.  


I want to make the world a better place for everyone.


Aged 7

How Extraordinary...

How extraordinary that these 7 year old boys, saw a need and took it into their own hands to start to correct a wrong in our town. How extraordinary that Thousand Hours kickstarted an ongoing fire of kindness in their hearts that radiated far past that one month. A drop in the ocean, can create ripples further than we could ever see. These 2 boys are changing the face of our town, one carrier bag of rubbish at a time… Why don’t YOU join them this October in Bringing Life To Ashford in your own little way?


We are looking forward to catching up with Jack and John this year and seeing what they’ve got in store this October and beyond. We’ll keep you posted.  

Get Involved...

Want some ways for you to get involved this October? We have plenty of COVID friendly ideas of how you can bring A Kindness Revolution to your community.