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This, is Jack. Jack first heard about Thousand Hours when our team went into his school when he was in Reception. Our team teach the children about kindness and why it’s important and then they encourage all the children to do little acts of kindness across their communities, and log their hours on special Thousand Hours passports. Jack chose to litter pick around his local area. Since then, he now takes bags with him whenever they go to The Warren, where he clears up litter on his walk. Jack is now 7, and is teaching his younger brother to do the same!

He was asked why he has continued to do it after Thousand Hours ended in the October of his reception year… this was his response:

[The Warren] is a particular place where people like to litter, and it could kill our world, and so i’m trying to clean it all up.

If the world dies, we all die as well.


aged 7

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