Thousand Hours is not just for adults! 

There are so many things that kids can do to be a part of ‘A Kindness Revolution’. In fact, often, the kids are the ones that show the adults how it’s done! 

In 2017 we took Thousand Hours into 6 primary schools in Ashford; inspiring, teaching and encouraging the kids to take kindness wherever they went. This year, we’re in 12 schools, and we can’t wait to continue instilling kindness in the hearts of the kids we meet. 



“One of our favourite things about being in schools last year, was hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of the kids embracing kindness, and being creative in the ways they made a difference in this town that we love. It was so much fun, and we came away with the inspiration that we had hoped to give to the children. The pupils really did become the masters…”

– Charlotte and Karen

(Thousand Hours Schools Team)

We have loads of personal volunteering ideas that are family friendly- from baking, to writing cards, there is plenty that you can do as a family to be a part of a kindness revolution in Ashford. Have a look at our personal volunteering page, and get some ideas that you can do throughout October (and beyond)! Don’t forget to LOG YOUR HOURS as you go! 



Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, but it can be even better when the person you’re being kind to, doesn’t even know it was you! Why not try a bit of Ninja Kindness this October half term? Download and print the Ninja Kindness Bingo below; complete three in a row, to call a kindness BINGO. (If you really want to have some fun, try doing them ALL!) 

[Click on the image below, then right click and download! Simple as that.] 

Email us at, with your name, what you did and any stories you have! We’ll send you back a printable certificate for taking part, and we’ll also log an hour for you, towards ‘A Kindness Revolution’. 

Last year, as we trialled our step into schools in Ashford, we looked at why it’s so important to teach kindness in schools. Here’s what Charlotte and the teachers at Repton Manor School had to say.