31 Acts of Kindness

31 Acts of Kindness

We have developed 31 Acts of Kindness that you can do throughout October. That’s one a day! Below, we’ve laid out all of the acts for each day… We’d love you to be logging your hours every week, but you can log at the end of the month too if you want to. (Choose “31 Acts” on the “Log Your Hours” form, when you tell us all about what you did!) 

Scroll down, and follow along each day, or you can print off our handy poster at the bottom of the page and stick it up in your house somewhere, or keep it on your phone or mobile device to check each day- the poster even includes a suggested length of time that act might take you. But times may vary, so do keep a note of how long you spend on each act of kindness  

And don’t forget, you can also follow along on our social media, tagging us into posts and photos of you taking part:


Do an act of kindness each day

Count up the hours

Log your hours online

Log Your Hours

Whatever you do this October to bring a kindness revolution to your community, log your hours here, and tell us what you did!


Find out a little more about where Thousand Hours came from and what we do.

Get Involved

Get involved in a kindness revolution in your community.

Well done for making it to the end of the month! If you didn’t manage to do all of the acts, that’s ok! You can log the hours you were able to do, and then go back and fill in any gaps in the coming months! #KindnessIsNotJustForOctober

Download our handy printable poster, or keep it on your mobile device to keep track of your 31 Acts Of Kindness during October. 

It even gives you a handy guide for how much time each act might take you- but times may vary so do keep track of how long you spend on each act of kindness. 

And don’t forget to LOG YOUR HOURS

You can either log each week, or keep track of your hours and log at the end of the month! Just tick “31 Acts of Kindness” in the form when you’re asked what you did!


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