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Getting involved in Thousand Hours

We have loads of ways for you to get involved in Thousand Hours. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to weave acts of kindness into your every day life; into your family life; and into your community. Have a scroll down for some easy ways to join in A Kindness Revolution this October and beyond! 

Painting the Town Yellow

Throughout October, we’ll be a visible presence in the town centre. Come and meet us at one of our Town Centre Hubs every Saturday* across the town. We will have give-aways to help inspire you in bringing A Kindness Revolution to your own communities, and we’d love to see you.  

(*Every Saturday except 09|10|21)


Elwick Place


The Bandstand


The Bandstand


Victoria Park


31 Acts of Kindness

We have developed 31 acts of kindness that you could do throughout the month. That’s one a day! And also given you plenty of ideas you can do each week based around 5 areas of kindness. Head to our ideas page to have a look. 


Do an act of kindness


Think about what you did and how it made you feel

Other Ways to Get Involved

Personal Volunteering

You can do any personal volunteering of your own, throughout the month, whether that’s baking cakes for your neighbours, litter picking around your community or anything else you can think of. The sky is your limit when it comes to kindness. Just don’t forget to keep track of how much time it takes and Log Your Hours on our website as you go! (Please be mindful of the COVID Government Guidelines at all times- keep to the law, social distance if needed, and be safe!)

Go Local

There are a lot of projects already doing great things around your community, every day of the year. Seek some out and join one! Whether it’s volunteering in a charity shop, litter picking on a regular basis, or regularly donating to a local cause.

Choose October as your month to make a change and commit to something great around your town. #KindnessIsNotJustForOctober

(but it can START in October!)


If for any reason, you can’t physically take part in Thousand Hours in October, another way that you can get involved is to financially give to the project. 

If you would like to give money towards making Thousand Hours happen, you can give via the Ashford Vineyard website, just choose “Thousand Hours” from the drop down list.

Log Your Hours

However you choose to get involved this October; whether that’s through personal volunteering or volunteering with an already established local organisation, don’t forget to Log Your Hours on our quick and easy form. Just tell us what you did, who you impacted, and any stories you have to share.

Log your Hours every day; as you go, no matter how small. Every little counts towards A Kindness Revolution in our Community!

Stories inspire and encourage us to keep going, and keep being kind! If you have a story to tell, we’d LOVE to hear it. Head to our Stories page to read some stories, and share your own with us when you log your hours, or drop us an email to!


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