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We are really grateful to have a team who love their communities and want to see A Kindness Revolution spread further than we can imagine. Our core team is made up of a wide variety of gifts; passions and ideas, which works so well to be able to see Thousand Hours from every angle possible.

Have a scroll down to see our lovely bunch of organ grinders, who volunteer their time all throughout the year to making Thousand Hours happen. 




Chris Tatton

Thousand Hours Team Leader, BIG CHEESE boss man.

Amy Walters

Social Media Guru & Graphic Designer, The Young Blood with all the Tech Know-How.

Karen Thatcher

Thousand Hours School's Team Coordinator, Graphic Designer, Website Builder, All-Round Juggler of Jobs.

Charlotte Rawling

Thousand Hours School's Team Coordinator, Visionary Wise Owl.

Matt Wagner

Community Project Overseer, Ring-Leader of Events.

Rachel Wagner

Community Project Overseer, Brainstormer Extraordinare.

Thousand Hours Schools

We love being a part of schools throughout Thousand Hours. We find that the little humans in our community are often the kindest. Have a look at what we get up to in Schools during Thousand hours. 


We love to hear and share stories along the way. Stories inspire and encourage us to keep going, and keep being kind!

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