Frequently Asked Questions


Who is behind Thousand Hours?

Thousand Hours began as part of Ashford Vineyard- a Community Church, dedicated to bringing life to Ashford. Although we’re a church, you don’t have to believe to belong, everyone is welcome and everyone gets to play. 

I’m New

I'm not from Ashford Vineyard, can I still help?

You absolutely can still help even if you’ve never heard of Ashford Vineyard! The more the merrier. If you’re local to Ashford and want to be involved in any way, then we would love to have you. If you have any questions, please get in touch, we can’t wait to meet you!

Small Is Great

I can't commit to big projects, can I still get involved?

If you can’t commit to doing big flamboyant acts of kindness, that is totally fine. In fact, this year we are celebrating the impact of the small acts- the ONE. You can get involved on the small or big scale in your own communities, your own families and your own spaces. The only rules are: Be Kind… and Log Your Stories! Simple as that. 

Logging Stories

How do I log my stories?

Well that’s the really easy bit..! If you have been volunteering around your neighbourhood to contribute to Thousand Hours, you can log your stories very easily! Click below, fill in the quick form telling us a bit about what you did, and how it made you feel. If you did something with a friend/family member/colleague make sure they fill one out too! (Or even be kind and do theirs for them.)

Beyond October

What happens after October?

Thousand Hours was designed as a way of impacting our town, together, by committing to take time out of our busy schedules, look around to see the need and do something about it. But it was never designed to be a one off thing. We hope that Thousand Hours encourages you to get into the habit of contributing little acts of kindness throughout the year too. After all… Kindness is not just for October. We have ways to get involved and plugged-in to community through organised groups and compassion projects during the year, and there are many other charities and volunteering opportunities around our community too, but we also want this kindness revolution to translate into your day-to-day lives by seeing what’s around you and making a difference in your own neighbourhoods.

We Love Stories

I have a story to share!

Fabulous!! We love stories- If you have a story about what you’ve been up to during Thousand Hours, we’d love to hear it! Whether you have volunteered, or someone has impacted your life, please send us your stories, including photos (if you have them)- hearing and sharing stories are an important part of building community and encouraging each other to keep going and keep being kind. We really value stories in a big way, and think that everyone has a story to share, we want to hear yours.

(Please let us know when you email us, if you would NOT like us to share you stories or photos via social media. Even if you want to keep the story private, we still want to hear it.) 

I’m A Genius

I have an idea of something you could do!!

If you have an idea of something that we can do during Thousand Hours (whether you know of a building/business/organisation who needs a helping hand, or an area of Ashford that needs a big clean up, etc.) We’d love to hear it! If we can help, we will. We love to learn and be inspired by other people’s creativity in kindness, so don’t keep your ideas to yourself, share them with us.

Where are the Projects?

I want a BIG PROJECT to do...

Usually we’d happily organise groups to go out and about and do big projects together during October. But this year, with COVID restrictions, we’re not able to do that. Instead, we’re encouraging you to look for those ONE moments. One person, one act, one hour, however you want to commit to loving people in your community. You are also free (within the government guidelines) to gather a few friends to do acts around the town. We just ask that you keep to the law, you social distance and you stay safe! 

Social Journey

Can I follow along on social media?

You absolutely CAN. We are on Facebook and Instagram, and we’d love you to not only follow us, but to join us in with our social conversation. Head on over to our accounts, follow/like us, and then tag us to your heart’s content, in photos, stories and videos. Hashtags are always a win, so we can keep up with who’s involved. Our official hashtags for this year are: #AKindnessRevolution and #ThousandHours2020, so attach these hashtags when you post. We can’t wait to see what you get up to. 

Go forth and post like a pro!


I Need Inspiration

Give me an example of what to do...

Sometimes it’s hard to get started in a project like this, even if you are super passionate about it. Luckily for you, we’re pros and can give you a few pointers that will hopefully get your creative kindness juices flowing. We’ve devised 31 acts of kindness for you to do throughout October. As well as some ideas fitting into 5 areas of kindness, that we’ll be focussing on each week. They’re all things you can do on your own, as a family, as a friendship group, or with kids. And they’re a mix of different types of kindness’ too. Click on the button below to take you to our Ideas page. 

Out Of Towner

I'm not from Ashford, but I think this would be great in our town!

If you’re thinking “I’m not from Ashford but I love what you’re doing and want to know if we can do something similar!” We’d love to help you get started and talk to you about how to take Thousand Hours to your community. Get in touch and we can work out how to help you!

Nope… Not It.

Nope, you didn't cover my question...

We’ve tried to cover as many of your questions as possible before you’ve even had to ask them, but we may have missed one! If you have any other questions about Thousand Hours we’d be so happy to answer them! Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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