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In 2017, the second year into Thousand Hours, we took a small step into schools. That October, our team went into 6 schools in Ashford and asked the children and staff to join with us in collecting hours of kindness during the month of October. Needless to say, it was a massive success. We had such a great response from the staff, the children and the parents, and quickly realised the huge need for teaching kindness to the now generation- the children and young people in our society.

In 2018, our schools list grew to 12 schools, who logged a whopping 10,478 hours of our 13,104 hours total, bringing little acts of kindness to their community. The children really do show us how to do it.

In 2019, we were in 25 schools in and around Ashford, and the surrounding areas, reaching A Kindness Revolution out into many areas of Kent. That was over 7,300 children (not to mention the staff and parents) who were spreading kindness in their communities. With the schools and the wider community, we managed to log 53,833 hours of kindness in the month of October 2019. 

Thousand Hours Schools has very quickly sky rocketed, in the very best way. We were so excited to be back in Schools in 2020, BUT, COVID put a spanner in the works, and so weren’t able to physically go into schools like we usually would. This just gave us the chance to get creative. We provided resources, ideas, videos and support to the schools helping them to log stories of kindness during October. We cannot wait to get back into the schools physically, and have much more fun with kindness soon!

Want to know more about Thousand Hours Schools? Scroll down for some child friendly Thousand Hours Activities, a bit more about how Thousand Hours looks in Schools, and to meet the school’s team! 

(If you’re a School, and would like to take part in Thousand Hours this year, or in the future, we’d love to hear from you, just get in touch via the form below)!


My job as a teacher is to teach them [Children] life skills and prepare them for the life ahead… it’s not just to teach Maths, English, Reading, Writing and those things. Being kind is one of the most important things about living in a community. When we were going out and doing our acts of kindness… a lot of the people we spoke to said “There’s not enough of this. There’s not enough of people coming out and being kind.” It’s really important that more of this is happening.

Mr Hathaway-Batt

Teacher, Repton Manor Primary School

Faith and the rest of her class loved being a part of Thousand Hours. The best thing was, they weren’t in competition with one another, but wanted to put in the most hours possible for people. The mums I spoke to loved the idea of encouraging their children to do things for others, to the point where a lot of the “passports” were handed in late since the parents wanted to keep doing more with their children. Faith loved coming up with ideas to be nice and help out others. She really got on board and grasped the vision and is excited about doing it again!


Parent, Finberry Primary School

One of our favourite things about leading Thousand Hours School’s, is hearing the stories and seeing pictures of the whole school embracing kindness, and being creative in the ways they make a difference in their communities. It is always so much fun, and we often come away from schools being more inspired by them, than they are by us!

The great thing is, Kindness is so contagious, and we are loving watching it spread not just throughout Ashford, but through Kent and beyond!

Karen Thatcher and Charlotte Rawling

Thousand Hours School's Team Coordinators

How Does Thousand Hours Work in Schools This Year?

We provide our schools with a handbook filled with ideas and ways that they can weave Thousand Hours and Kindness into their curriculum, and we even have a locked page on our website, filled with downloadable kindness posters and activities they can print and do with their classes.

We’ll be giving them ideas and the best ways to log their stories as classes and as a whole school. 

We usually would then come into the school to do a Thousand Hours assembly to kick them off into October. We can’t do that this year, and so instead, we’ll be providing a video assembly that they can share around in their bubbles (or however each individual school is working out assemblies), to get the kids excited about kindness and explain how the month will work. 

Then, it’s up to them! 

We want to give our Thousand Hours Schools all the resources they need to make the most of Thousand Hours, but in their own unique way- every school is different, and we love seeing their creativity in how they weave Kindness into their curriculums. Whether they choose to do a little bit each day, or choose to have a whole Kindness Day, or week! The world is their oyster. 

At the end of the month, we then collect their stories and log them with the whole community.

We always hope that Thousand Hours gives the spark to continue spreading kindness throughout the rest of the year, so once we’ve logged all their stories, we hope that the schools will carry on the story logging for the rest of the year! 

Can My School Be a Thousand Hours School?

The very short answer is… YES.

Every year, Thousand Hours Schools gets bigger and better, and so if you have a child in a school, work in a school, or live next to a school that you think would like to be a part of A Kindness Revolution, we would love to hear from you. 

We have sent an invitation to as many Primary Schools in Ashford as we could, but if your school got missed and you want to be a part of the Kindness Revolution, we’d love to have you. And it’s never too late, so even if you join us half way through the month, you’ll be so welcome. (We say “never too late. October 31st is probably too late for this year…). Get in touch via the form below, to join Thousand Hours 2020 now and we’ll send you all the details and resources to get going, or if you can’t quite manage it this year, drop us a message to be put on our list to be a Thousand Hours School in 2021!


We want to know more about Thousand Hours Schools, we want to BE a Thousand Hours School, or we want to go on the list for 2021!

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School's Team Coordinator

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School's Team Coordinator

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Looking for Child Friendly Activities to do with your children this October? Our School’s Team have you covered! Download this Kindness Ninja Bingo, and complete it with your child over the course of the month. Or why not use your half term as your very own family Kindness week?

And once they’ve finished it, you can print them their very own Kindness Certificate too, below!

(Right click on the image below and download it to print!) 

Don’t forget to log their stories (and your own), when it’s completed. And tag us on social media, or send us photos to

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