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In 2017, the second year into Thousand Hours, we took a small step into schools. That October, our team went into 6 schools in Ashford and asked the children and staff to join with us in collecting hours of kindness during the month of October. Needless to say, it was a massive success. We had such a great response from the staff, the children and the parents, and quickly realised the huge need for teaching kindness to the now generation- the children and young people in our society.

Since then schools, nurseries and children’s groups have embraced Thousand Hours so enthusiastically, and we have been able to take A Kindness Revolution into more and more schools across Kent, logging over 75,000 hours of kindness in schools alone.

COVID put a spanner in the works in 2020, and so Thousand Hours Schools looked very different. This gave us the ability to find ways to offer resources and access to Thousand Hours, in even more school. We have met over 19,109 children in our schools, nurseries and other children’s groups over the last 4 years, and as we enter our 5th Year of taking Thousand Hours to the children, we are so excited to see more and more investment in creating a culture of kindness in Ashford and beyond. 

Want to know more about Thousand Hours Schools, or want to sign up to be a Thousand Hours School this year? Drop us a message at and we’ll send you some more info about how to be involved.


How Does Thousand Hours Work in Schools This Year?

We are inviting every school to host a KINDNESS DAY during October with activities focussed around kindness: lessons, workshops, raising money for a charity etc. We have provided schools with a digital pack filled with inspiration, and access to online resources to make it a great day. 

Outside of the kindness day, schools can do as little or as much else that they’d like to do- The more kindness we can spread in our community, the BETTER. 

In addition to the kindness day Karen and Charlotte have been awarded a grant to be able to offer a limited number of schools some exclusive workshops, resources and kindness related goodies, free of charge. They will be providing video workshops, all the printed resources, stickers and activities to accompany them. AND some kindness related gifts for the schools and children to help them continue to create a culture of kindness after October is over.

Then, it’s up to them! 

We want to give our Thousand Hours Schools all the resources they need to make the most of Thousand Hours, but in their own unique way- every school is different, and we love seeing their creativity in how they weave Kindness into their curriculums. The world is their oyster. 

At the end of the month we  ask the schools to log their hours via our simple form, so we can add up the hours of kindness over the whole month. (There is always a competition between the schools to see who can log the most hours- As we always say “It’s not about the hours, but the hours reflect the heart.” Seeing the hours roll in, inspires and encourages us all to keep going!)

We always hope that Thousand Hours will give people the spark they need to continue creating a culture of kindness throughout the rest of the year, so once we’ve logged all of the school hours for the month, we encourage the schools to carry on investing hours into being kind as an ongoing effort! 

Can My School Be a Thousand Hours School?

The very short answer is… YES.

Every year, Thousand Hours Schools gets bigger and better, and so if you have a child in a school, work in a school, or live next to a school that you think would like to be a part of A Kindness Revolution, we would love to hear from you. 

We have sent an invitation to as many Primary Schools in Ashford as we could, but if your school got missed and you want to be a part of the Kindness Revolution, we’d love to have you. And it’s never too late, so even if you join us half way through the month, you’ll be so welcome. (We say “never too late. October 31st is probably too late for this year…). Get in touch via the form below, to join Thousand Hours 2021 now and we’ll send you all the details and resources to get going, or if you can’t quite manage it this year, drop us a message to be put on our list to be a Thousand Hours School in the future!


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